The good people of WXPN in Philadelphia have shared the new single, "The Ride". Full article and stream here. 

Lewis & Clarke are releasing a new album, Triumvirate, on October 7th on La Société Expéditionnaire. Lewis & Clarke is the work of Pennsylvania-based artist Lou Rogai, with some regular collaborators, the brothers Ian and Shane O’Hara.  

Triumvirate, like Lewis & Clarke’s previous work, is exquisitely crafted, orchestrated and performed. The album is lush, warm, melancholic, world-weary, yet often uplifting. Call it chamber folk, baroque pop, or sweater weather music, the double album is a beauty. Named for the relationship between writer C.S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke, Rogai’s music brings to mind the contemplative sound of bands like Sigur Ros, Explosions In The Sky, Red House Painters, and The Blue Nile. The songs build slowly and burn brightly, with the music anchored by Ragai’s vocals and his acoustic guitar. A musical favorite of WXPN’s Fred Knittel, host of Folkadelphia, Lewis & Clarke debuted in 2003 with the full length album, Bare Bones and Branches.